Meet the Team!

Hi Everyone!

We are so excited  to have access to a platform that allows us to connect with you on such a personal level. Sometimes when people hear the words GIS or information management they think of computers and not of people. So why don’t we introduce ourselves to you so you know the people behind Geoculture Consulting!Publication1

Geoculture Consulting was the brain child of our co-founder Amy Wong and was inspired by the Geospatial Data course she was taking at the time. Amy is currently working on her Masters in Information and Library Science (M.L.I.S.) at the University of Western Ontario and is expected to graduate in 2014. Amy has a strong background in library and technology settings, having set her foundation at the Edmonton Public Library for nearly a decade. There she performed various tasks as a Library Assistant and Information Technician while taking part in various committees that explored experimental avenues. Amy has a strong interest in technology; academic, public and digital libraries, as well as, community development.

Geoculture Consulting’s other co-founder is Jen Griesbach (that’s me). I also attend the University of Western Ontario as an M.L.I.S. candidate and I am expected to graduate in 2014.  Like Amy, I have an extensive background in library and information settings. For nearly a decade, I have worked in various positions at the Guelph Public Library such as Children’s Clerk, Library Assistant and Discovery Portal Assistant. I have focused my studies in community development, social justice, and marketing within public libraries.

We are currently working on expanding our staff size, as we are in the preliminary stages of our developmental process, but in the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a little better! Amy and I are open books so please feel free to ask us any questions or concerns you may have.


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